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JARC Group Benefits
Monetary Benefits
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Meal Allowance
Additional cash dedicated for our employees’ daily meals is affixed to their salaries.
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Salary Loan via MECSC
Our employee cooperative, MECSC, assists its employee members through salary loans and financial aids.
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Transportation Allowance
A portion of our employees is added and allotted for our employees’ travelling monetary needs.
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Employees are rewarded with a percentage of the company’s sales for their efforts and contributions to our successes.
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Mid-year Bonus
Halfway through every year, JARC Group employees receive bonuses that are equivalent to a month’s worth of basic pay.
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Christmas Bonus
Year-end bonuses, based on the company’s overall annual performance, are granted to our employees.
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Service & Excellence Awards
During anniversary celebrations, JARC Group acknowledges the performances of outstanding employees through awards and recognition.
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Employee Referral Program
Employees that were able to refer accepted candidates are compensated with monetary rewards.
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Calamity Assistance
In cases of emergencies and disasters, JARC Group readily assists its employees with financial support.
Non-Monetary Benefits
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Company Car
Field personnel are entitled to use a company car to perform their daily responsibilities.
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Discounted Employee Purchase
    Employees automatically receive discounts for the purchase of any JARC Group products.
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Rice Subsidy
50 kg of rice are given to JARC Group employees every 6 months.
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Company Uniforms
All employees are provided with a complete set of office uniform free of charge.
Health and Education Benefits
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Accident Insurance
    In cases of unforeseen accidents, our employees can rely on JARC Group for financial assistance.
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Personal Healthcare
JARC Group ensures that our employees receive a comprehensive healthcare insurance
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Training and Development Program
Employees can expect to partake in trainings (both internal and external) that would aid in advancing their professional skills and careers.
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Scholarship Program
JARC Group employees that are also pursuing further studies are entitled to apply for the JARC Group scholarship program.
Leave Benefits
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Vacation & Sick Leaves
        Each employee is entitled to 15 vacation leaves and 15 sick leaves.
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Emergency Leave
       In cases of sudden emergency absences, employees must notify their supervisors beforehand. These absences are deducted from their vacation leaves.
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Birthday Leave
For their birthdays, our employees have the option to take their birthday leave. If unused, this leave could be added to their vacation leaves.
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Bereavement Leave
Our employees are granted 3 days of paid leave to bereave departed family members.

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